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Graphic Design

Looking for a visual brand that will charm the pants off your dream clients?
Are you busy juggling it all and just want to get shit done?
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It's all about Graphic Design

When you sign up for my design day, you don’t just get a logo and a ‘see ya later’. You get a whole party of pieces that work together to create your visual brand through graphic design. This is what will engage your dream customers and reassure them you’re the business they want to work with.

There's so much we can get done in the graphic design part of your design adventure... all in a day:
>>  your gorgeous new logo
>>  submark logo to use on the socials
>>  brand style guide to keep you on track
>>  promotional print design: business card or postcard
>>  social media templates built in Canva. 

Scroll on down to see what each of these design elements mean and how they’ll add value to your visual brand.
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Good graphic design adds value faster than it adds costs

When you’re starting out with a new business, there’s a lot of costs to think about. I get it, I’ve been there!

But remember, a creative, strategic design for your brand will enhance your product or service and only make it more appealing to catch the eye of your dream clients. Worth every penny!
My design days include both graphic design and website design so your purposeful visuals showcase the professional you are.

Take a look through all the value-packed pieces you’ll receive when you book your design days in, to ensure your kickass business is ready to face the world.

Branding Design

This encompasses everything that visually represents your business. As a graphic designer, we don’t just talk about a logo. We talk about all the intangible features that sets you apart from your competitors and makes you unique.
Creating a visual brand involves strategy to build an experience that your customers will relate to you, including colours, fonts, voice, and imagery. Think about Coca Cola, is that just a logo on a bottle? It’s the emotional connection we’re looking for!

Logo Design

The part we all get excited about! The first port of call when we start your graphic design elements is your logo. This is the stamp that will represent your business at a glance, so we need to make sure it appeals to your dream customers.
Before I present your concepts to you, there’s hours of market research and competitor analysis that goes into it. 

By the time it arrives on your email doorstep, it should be just what you had in mind.

Business Card Design

Whether you’re looking for the traditional rectangular business card, or something a little funkier, like an A5 postcard for promotional print design, you’ll be thrilled and proud to hand out this little gem for your biz.
Within your design days we can create a double-sided business card design ready to be printed on beautiful high quality stock. I use an awesome professional printing company and can quote for all your print requirements.

Brand Style Guide

Now this is a real hidden treasure and, if you’re not familiar with the design world, you might not quite realise what it is. A brand style guide covers all of the graphic design aspects for the visual representation of your beautiful business.
I’m talking colour codes, font styles, imagery recommendations, business vibe and personality, as well as tips on how to display your logos within your promotional media. This all leads to a cohesive brand that will resonate with your clients.
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Graphic design for The King's Candle

The King's Candle - Graphic Design

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