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Welcome Kit

Here's some information on how our Design Days will work!

Content Gathering

Once you've booked your Design Day in, it's time to prep the content you want to include on your website. 

You'll receive a Website Style Questionnaire from me to fill out, which will help me understand the vibe and aesthetic you're looking for. Make sure you answer all the questions and take your time to get this right. As this is what I will use to design the Home Page for your approval, which is the 'bones' of your website. All other pages will be designed using this as a base in terms of layout and design.

You'll also receive a DropBox link where you can upload:
- Any images you'd like to include on your website.
- The copy (words) for each page of your website. 

As mentioned in your proposal, content creation is not included in your web design price. 
If you are writing your own copy, you can upload a Word Document to your Dropbox file.
If you're hiring a copywriter, they can provide the copy directly to me via email, or upload it to the same Dropbox file.
If you don't have high quality images for your business, then I can select 10 stock images for you to use from my Shutterstock account as I create the design for you.

You'll need to make sure you have all images and copy ready in your Dropbox file 3 days before our first design day.
This gives me a chance to check it over and make sure we have everything in place for our day to run smoothly and efficiently.


You'll receive a friendly nudge in the days leading up to your first design day to make sure you have completed all the above – the style questionnaire and providing your copy.

You'll also receive informational emails on what you'll need to have in place for our design day to kick off with a bang! This includes:
- Turning on your message notifications so you'll know when I need your feedback.
- Making sure you have internet connection for the day. 

On the Day!

Once our design day adventure arrives (hooray!), you'll receive a message from to kick off the day at 9am. You won't need to do anything at this point, but it's just to get our conversation started.

I'll then design your home page layout for your feedback. This usually takes me about 2 hours, so there's no need to be sat by your phone waiting!
Throughout the day I'll always let you know how long I'll expect to be between each feedback requirement.

Once you've approved your home page, and made any changes you'd like to see before moving forward, I'll then get to work on creating the remaining pages of your website. I'll send each page to you for feedback as I go.

I'll take a short break for lunch and to stretch the legs and then knuckle down on finishing the design.

Depending on the size of your website, the full pages design will take 1-2 days. After this your feedback time is done! On your remaining design days I'll be building your website on my staging domain and will simply send you a link to each page as I complete, in case you want to follow the progress.

I'll let you know once the full site is complete on my staging domain, and we'll go through any changes or feedback you might have, When it's all systems go, we're ready to migrate your sparkly new website to your own business domain. You'll receive my completion payment, and once this is received I'll initiate the website migration. 

We'll then give it one last check over before you launch your gorgeous new site to your audience!

After the party...

In the days after your website has launched, you'll receive high quality mock ups to share on your socials, as well as your WordPress logins and recorded training videos on how to make content updates going forward. I'm always here if you need any help.

You'll also have 14 days post-launch technical support to iron out any minor tech issues we come across. Websites are a complex beast and sometimes we'll find it needs a technical tweak here and there.

If you want to make any content changes after the launch date, we can always book in another half day or day as required!

The small print

You know the phrase 'if you build it they will come'? Well, that doesn't apply to websites I'm afraid. 

SEO is a long term investment and you won't see results immediately: It can take between 3 and 9 months for Google to crawl your site and take note of the SEO we've applied to it. I track all my client's sites and will send you a report at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months if you've invested in SEO for your project. This will show you how and where your keywords are working and where they sit in terms of Google ranking. 

Google's algorithm is complex and competition can be high, so there is no guarantee on ranking results, but with any SEO time you've invested with me, we'll be giving you the best opportunity to rank. 

You'll have also received some tips on how to drive traffic to your site via off-page SEO, so this is always a great thing for you to work on!
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