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SEO cheat sheet for websites

Ready to get your small business found by search engines and explored by your dream humans?

Then my SEO Cheat Sheet is for you!

Does the idea of SEO bring you out in a cold sweat? No more!

The SEO Cheat Sheet is your easy-to-follow guide to adding the SEO essentials to your website, so your business isn’t lost in the online ocean that is the internet (or worse: stuck on page 2 of Google!).
Your Cheat Sheet includes:

>> On-Page SEO (the SEO fundamentals you need ON your site)

>> Off-Page SEO (extra things you can do OFF your site to get ranking)

>> A handy checklist to to tick off as you go!
If you're looking for a stress-free guide with the must-have SEO fundamentals, that can be the difference between visibility and invisibility when it comes to your website, then add your details below and get your SEO Cheat Sheet straight to your inbox!

Got a website already but not sure it's as good as it should be?

My Website Audits are perfect for business owners who have their site up and running but want an expert eye to check it over and let you know what to do to improve it! 
Website audits

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