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I’m Rachel – your go-to foosball champion, Lego-making (and dodging... pesky kids!) legend, and ever-exploring creative sidekick.

I can’t wait to hear your story, but first do you want to know mine? After all, we’re about to embark on a pretty fun adventure together, right?

Pop the kettle on and settle in...
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Rachel Clark, freelance designer

The first thing you should know

Is that ‘tree climber’ is an actual, honest to goodness profession
....and not just for koalas.
Rachel Clark drinking coffee at work
And that tree climber? Well, that fella’s the reason I’m here in Australia in the first place.

You see, it was 2006 and I was sipping lattes in moody but magical London. By day, I worked in the marketing department for the New York Times. By night, I learned French (what's a girl to do when they're new in town and have yet to meet their people?), sipped margaritas, danced to the YMCA in clubs with sticky floors and, by pure accident, met him: My handsome tree-climbing Aussie koala.

His opening line was, “It’s nice to see a hot girl that doesn't care if she looks like a dick when she dances.”

Ah, the Aussie charm. I fell. Hard.

(He even yelled, “Timber” really rather smugly).

And without a second thought, I swapped my planned transfer to the NYT’s Paris office for a life with my tree-climber in a tiny Australian town, where I collected eucalyptus seeds in the bush for five years.
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Okay, okay. Seed-sourcing wasn’t the only thing I did in the bush. I also made and raised three babies with my husband: My two beautiful boys – my real major life accomplishments – and a forestry and commercial arboriculture company.

And even though the business sparked success, Marie Kondo would have shaken her head if she’d seen my hustle-hard lifestyle (that definitely didn’t spark joy).

So when we sold the arboriculture business in 2020, I knew it was time to focus on my future. And, in particular, on designing my future. Yep, I went there. Unapologetic design pun.
I’d been casually dabbling in design since my days at the NYT, and, early on, when it came to launch our commercial tree company, I had a choice to make:
Option A: Pay $5k + for a professionally designed website.
Option B: Pay $5k to study web design myself.

I chose the harder but more rewarding path, devoting daylight hours to our business and moonlight moments to my blossoming craft. Little by little, I refined my skills and developed my own signature style – clean, uncluttered, minimal and simple, with bursts of bold personality.
The desk of a creative freelance designer, laptop, ipad and phone
Rachel Clark, freelance designer, on the phone
And so, in web design and SEO, I found a way to channel my creativity and love of adventure into a design service that would help service-based soletraders and small biz owners just like me.

Because collaborating with me is about far more than the final – admittedly awesome – product.

I’m able to easily slip on your hiking boots because I’ve been where you are; both as a busy new business owner building a business from scratch, and as a design client wishing for a website that would transform my bright-eyed side-hustle into a full-time success story.

And I know the juggle struggle is real when you're starting out, when your to-do list feels longer than a hike up Everest. This is why I love to help my clients get shit done by working in an intensive web designer day method. You don't have to wait weeks for your project to be finished... instead you'll see your website live in days!

So, go ahead and take my hand.
We’ve got a dream to design.
Rachel xx

I can’t wait to go on creative adventures with you.

Together, let’s climb mountains (even if it’s digitally) and make magic. Check out my web design services and let's see what we can get done in days!
Website Design Days

Confessions of a constantly curious creative

Want to hear the secret down low on me? Ten points if you share your funnest fact when we kick off your project ;)
I grew up in a small village in England called Rayne, and spent my childhood climbing trees and chasing bees.
My dream is to complete the Te Araroa trail in NZ and my happy place is in nature, soaking up the sunshine (under a generous layer of sunscreen #englishskinthings).
I’m an adventure addict (I’ve visited 28 countries so far), an unapologetic puppy cuddler, and an eternal optimist who believes we should make the most out of our lives.
I have two beautiful boys who suck at Foosball (keep trying, guys!) but are great at getting me to giggle and making me feel grateful for my life.
I have a degree in international marketing, a diploma of graphic design and website design, the patience of a saint (except when it comes to reversing trailers) and can code from scratch.
You can always count on me to whip up a pro-level espresso martini and the best treasure hunt clues… but you should probably turn up the music if I start singing. Yep, it’s bad. But, uh, at least I’m enthusiastic?

“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.”

- Bilbao Baggins -

Five reasons a purposeful visual presence and digital home

is your ultimate sidekick as a fearless start-up and small business owner
Cleverly creative design has the power to:
Shuffle your side-hustle out of the shadows and into the limelight so you can do more of what you love (and wave goodbye to that dull nine-to-five or stressful main gig!).
Panic-proof your success by doing the hard work of instantly attracting and appealing to your target market.
Ignite your inner confidence so you can happily ditch those secret fears and internal doubts, and move forward with a website that makes you feel brave.
Support your work-home balance and gift you with more freedom by upgrading the impact your website has on your business (so you can do less but get better results).
Position your business as a professional powerhouse you’re proud to promote (and makes it easy as pie for your audience to fall in love with).

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