How my Web Designer Days work

So we can achieve the perfect vision for your website… in days.
My Day Trip experience was made for busy business owners like you who are pouring blood, sweat and beers into your biz, and don’t want to wait weeks to finally see your website come to life. Life is movin’ fast, so let’s speed this baby up!

With my web designer days, rather than waiting eight to twelve weeks for your website to be completed (with all that time wasted on emails back and forth, confirming every change!), you’ll get my undivided attention for eight hours a day so we can get shit done as quickly as possible.

For our web designer day, I’ll be explicitly and exclusively yours, with all my focus on your project for each intensive day. This means I can turn around a quality website in a short timeframe so you can start reaching customers and making sales straight away!

So, lace up those hiking boots and check out what we can get done on this adventure.
Rachel Clark, completing a web design in a day

Heard enough and want to get your website booked in?

I feel ya! If you know what you want, and you want it done quickly, you can skip the small talk and get right onto the contact form to enquire about your web designer day. It's your VIP pass to get shit done in your biz...
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Results we can achieve in your web designer day

Your awesome one-page website design + development 
(ready to release in one day)
This is a custom designed, long-form one-page unique website that’s all you (no overused WordPress themes here!). Once complete, you'll receive recorded training videos to show you how to make your own content updates in the future, and some gorgeous high quality mock-ups to show off your new site!
Check out my Website in a Day
Your high-converting multi-page website design + development 
(ready to launch in 3+ days)
All the above, but you'll have a superstar multi-page website instead, ready to showcase your business at its best. Imagine having your website ready to go and reaching customers in a matter of days!
Check out my Website in a Week
Your super SEO Strategy so your website is seen by the right people 
(wrapped up and ready to implement in one day).
See your business success soar, when you book in a full SEO strategy, so we can make sure we know exactly what your audience is searching for, then expertly weave those keywords throughout your site in all the right places. The key to success is we do this before the website design stage starts.
how sEO in Web design works

Examples of websites I've built in days

Check out my website portfolio for more of my work
  • One Day

    Opal Speech Pathology
    After an adventurous family roadtrip that ended in a new dream home, Jamie wanted to start her own business ASAP with a one-page website, ready to promote her services to her new business destination. Jamie booked in one of my web designer days to be completed in three weeks time so she could gather her content, ready for me to design and build.
    See the project details!
    website design for Opal Speech Pathology

So, how does a design day actually work?

You're probably familiar with the traditional process of hiring a web designer, where you work back and forth over email, approving each change, waiting a week to reply – because life get busy right – and before you know it, you're two months in and still no closer to a finished website. And with each week ticking by, you're losing sales and missing opportunities to get eyes on your service.

The reality is that the actual time spent physically designing and building your website is a matter of days. Combine this with the fact that I've always worked well under pressure (hello finishing my uni dissertation the night before submission date!) and efficiency and organisation are my middle names,  I came up with a work method that would suit me AND my clients. With some good preparation, ability to chat with my client, and focused to time to dedicate to each project, my web design days are a fun, productive and collaborative way to get an awesome website up and running in no time! 

Submit an Enquiry

Enter my client process
After seeing how fun (and skilled) I am to work with you submit an enquiry via my website

Book in a time to chat

One Day Later
You’ll receive an email to schedule in a zoom chat so we can discuss your goals, expectations and requirements for your website. You can also ask any questions to address concerns you might have about investing in a website.

Receive the Proposal

Same Day
After our chat, I’ll put a proposal together for you to consider for your website project. If you’re happy with the price and plans (hooray) you accept this via the online form.

Contract + Invoice

After Proposal is accepted
Once you've accepted and submitted your proposal and it's filed in my fancy client system, you’ll receive a contract to sign and a 50% commencement invoice to pay to secure your spot.

Book your Day!

Once Payment is Received
Huzzah! All the boring stuff is done and we get to work. You receive a scheduler from me to select the day that you want me to start designing your website. 

Remember, you’ll need to have all of your content ready in time for this day, so make sure you pick a date that gives you enough time to write your words and source your images. If you’re planning to hire a copywriter (nice move – need a recommendation? I work with an amazing copywriter called Renee at Make Words Work and can refer you!), you’ll need to make sure there’s enough time for them to provide you with your copy. 

You’ll also need to be available for live feedback at times on this day – not all day, just the times when I’ve completed a page design and need your feedback or approval.

Multi-Day jobs
If yours is a large project with more than one day, I’ll confirm the remaining dates for your project with you. I only need your feedback for the designing days (usually maximum two days) as when I build the website on your remaining days, I’ll be working exactly off the design you’ve already approved.

Welcome Kit

Once your Dates are Booked
You’ll get a pretty little package in the (e)mail… a fab Welcome Kit that explains how the days work, what you can expect working with me, and what you need to do to help the day run smoothly and productively.

Style Questionnaire

One Day Later
This is the big one… the important one. You'll receive a questionnaire with a number of questions that helps me dive deep into the vision you have for your website. This is what I'll use to create your design and user experience, so make sure you spend some time on this one!

Your Content

Required three days before your first date
Content creation is not included with my service so I’ll need all your content three days before our first design day. This includes your copy (words for each page of your website), any branding or logo files you might have, any images you want to use and your legal pages (privacy policy, terms and conditions, website disclaimer). 

If you don’t have legal pages yet, I refer my clients to a fab online legal template website called Legal123 which can generate them for you… winning! 

If you don’t have a logo, never fear, I used to be a brand designer before focusing on web, so I can help you with a simple logo for your website if needed.

The Design Day

Your first booked date
Woohoo! It’s here. When this exciting day rolls around, you can expect me to reach out to you at 9am to kick off our day. Don’t worry, you won’t have to be sat by the phone. I’ll let you know when to expect to hear from me and if it’ll be an hour or so between chats… just keep your notifications on! 

I design your home page concept first, which is the important one, as I’ll be laying out the style and design bones for the whole website. This usually takes me a few hours so you’ll hear from me close to lunchtime, where I’ll need your feedback and approval before moving on to designing subsequent pages.

The Design Day

Your first booked date
Woohoo! It’s here. When this exciting day rolls around, you can expect me to reach out to you at 9am to kick off our day. Don’t worry, you won’t have to be sat by the phone. I’ll let you know when to expect to hear from me and if it’ll be an hour or so between chats… just keep your notifications on! 

I design your home page concept first, which is the important one, as I’ll be laying out the style and design bones for the whole website. This usually takes me a few hours so you’ll hear from me close to lunchtime, where I’ll need your feedback and approval before moving on to designing subsequent pages.

Remaining Design Days
Depending on the size of your project, it’ll take me 1-2 days to design the full website. For your remaining design days I’ll knuckle down and build the site on my staging domain, ready to send to you for approval once complete.

Website launch

after your Final Design Day
Well, this is exciting! Once your final invoice is paid, I’ll migrate your finished site to your domain URL… yay! If you don’t have a domain registered or website hosting installed, I can help you set this up. 

Once your new site is live, I’ll do a final once over, test any contact forms, add the SEO plugin and connect you to Google Search Console so we can index your site and make sure Google knows to show it in the search results.

Post-launch Extras

The day after Your Site is Launched
It’s over to you now, and to help you on your merry new website way, I send through high quality image mock ups and a scrolling video of your website to use on your socials to announce the launch. 

You’ll also receive a comprehensive handover document, which includes how to log in to your site, a comprehensive video training library of how make content updates going forward, and some tips on off-page SEO to give you ideas on how to drive traffic to your website.

I’ll also check in with you after a month to make sure everything is going well.

A supportive web friend for life!

I want you to love and be able use your website going forward, so I’m always around if you have any questions. If it’s updates or extras you need, we can book you back in at anytime for a half day, full day or more to expand that awesome website of yours, boost your SEO and reach more clients! 
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The Not-so small print

How to make the most of your web designer day

My Day Trip experience is a wonderful and exciting way to get your website done fast without losing any quality. The websites mentioned above are an example of what we can achieve in this method, but it’s not a guarantee of the time it will take to complete your project, as it’s fully dependent on flowing feedback and good communication to keep the day moving. 

If, during the designing days, I don't hear from you for extended periods of time, this may delay the project and subsequently require additional time, as I'm waiting on your feedback to move forward. If we add extra pages, or certain custom designs (e.g. dynamic code for sections not included in the project scope), this may also incur an additional cost, depending on the level of functionality. 

I'll always let you know before I continue with the work if it will cost extra, and the final invoice will be increased after a variation agreement between us. 

Which means, for your web designer day to be a success, and to make sure I can work as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you'll need to commit to the following fun rules:
Complete the handy (and comprehensive) style questionnaire I send out to you to kick off your project. This helps me nail your vision!
Prepare all your content and images three days prior to your day commencing so my happy design hands can hit the keyboard with no delay!
Be available for live feedback at times throughout the day to approve the work as we go! Don't worry, you don't have to sit there watching me, you just need to have your notifications turned on, as we'll share feedback and designs on a chat message app, such as Facebook Messenger or WahtsApp.
Bring your fun pants... because this is the ultimate digital adventure, my friend! There's nothing quite like the buzz when you see your website come to life so quickly.
For further details and all the legal stuff, check out my Terms and Conditions

Are web design days for you?

You’ll love this experience if:
You’re ready to launch your biz and really want your website done. Stat.
You don’t want projects to drag out for weeks as we ping pong every small revision.
You’re a busy boss juggling it all and need back-up to get shit done.
You want to experience the luxury of having a pro designer full of website knowledge ready to deliver your dream design, so you don't have to google and figure out every last thing.
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