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Website Design

Ready to embark on your greatest digital business adventure? Let's grow your biz with custom website design and WordPress website development
Are you busy juggling it all and just want to get shit done?
It’s time for Part Two of your epic design trip!

Website Design is where it’s at

Every single small business needs an online visual presence. If you’re serious about seeing your small biz soar, then you need a digital home where your dream customers can find you.

Not only will you look like the purposeful professional you are, but a website is where it’s at if you want to turn casual bystanders into converting customers.

When you sign up for my design days, we embark on an adventure that ends with a website you’re proud of.
A place that will inform, inspire, influence and convert your audience to turn your sparkly new side-hustle into a full-time success story.

And instead of waiting weeks and going back and forth over emails for every little change, we work dynamically with live feedback during the design day. This is means you finish with a website that captures the perfect vision in your head! 

If you want to see your website ranking, you’ll want to check out my super sleek SEO Strategy option as well, and why it’s important we do this first!
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Are you ready to make waves with a web design that wows?

Jump right ahead and book in a chat with me. We can go through the vision you have for your website and determine how many days will work for your project!
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Good web design makes your small business look big

I totally get it... websites are expensive and you're just starting out. 

There are many ways you can fit a website to your budget: you can stumble through hours of online training videos and DIY it; cram your info into a ready made template; or book in the cheapest designer you can find.

But, with a custom designed and developed website, what seems like a high initial cost when starting out is actually a long term investment that will lead to new customers and sales that soar.
Trust me, it’ll pay for itself before you know it.

With my website design days we can achieve a one-pager or multi-page website that you've dreamed of. By focusing only on your project we get shit done and you can start to tick off that never-ending to-do list.

You also have the option to add on my secret weapon: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To really boost your website performance and see it shine bright in the world wide web, adding SEO is a strategy that will help us understand what your customers are actually looking for when they’re ready to buy.

WordPress Website Design

Even if you’re not too familiar with the wonderful world of web design, I’m sure you would have heard of WordPress. This is what we call a content management system, which allows us to build beautiful websites with a lot more ease than coding from scratch.

With my background in coding with html and css, I don’t use a purchased ‘theme’ template for your website, but instead I custom design and then build it from scratch using a page builder plugin called Oxygen.
The reason this is so wonderful for my clients, is because once your website is complete you can easily update your content going forward, saving you costs in the long run as you don’t have to pay a designer to make all your changes.

I record easy to follow training videos for all my clients, that you can refer back to anytime. You get the best of both worlds. A beautiful custom designed site with the confidence to add your new content as your business grows.

Website Maintenance & Support

A website that works for you isn't something you can just set and forget... it's an investment that needs to be  maintained and serviced, just like a car!

To continue to perform at its best and keep ranking on Google, we need to check in on it on a regular basis to keep it secure, avoid slow speeds and skip any scary downtime!
As part of your project, you receive 6 months of maintenance from me after we launch your amazing website, which includes things like updates, security, back ups, technical support and access to my premium plugins.

After this I have monthly web care plans available and options for content update add-ons to keep your site sparkling.

SEO Strategy

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, right? But what you don’t realise is there’s no simple fix to get there, (unless you want to jump to the top with paid advertising), it’s a long term love thing.

By crafting your SEO strategy BEFORE we design, we optimise your website and add the building blocks that will get you ranking. Want to be one step ahead of your competition? Pick this extra for your project and you’ll be flying.
A good SEO strategy is a long term investment. It will get you ranking on Google organically, with target audience eyes on your website, but you need to be in it for the long haul. You’ll start to see results improve over 3, 6 and 12 months, which is perfect for a small biz that plans to stick around, right?

Worried your existing site isn’t doing as well as it could? I also offer SEO web audits to give you the tips and tricks you need to improve.
See my SEO Services

Professional Copywriting

It's a big noisy world out there on the internet and you want your audience to not only find your website, but stick around and discover what you offer them. The best way to do this? Copy that converts.

This means well-written content that shows what you do, and persuades people that you're the biz that can solve their problems.
Content creation is not included in the my standard website price, but I do have an arsenal of amazing copywriters that can help you turn your prospects into paying customers. 

Forget the stress of writing your own copy and leave it to the professionals with this super valuable add-on.  

Branding Photography

You want to know converts? Beautiful evocative imagery that engages and relates to your target audience. This offers a fantastic user experience for your customers, as it will capture their attention and provide information about your product or service in a visual way.
Within your design package you receive up to 5 stock images through my creative account, but if you really want a website that converts, you'll want to take advantage of a branding photographer to really capture the essence of your business. I can help you find one!
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Little Jungle Shop - website Design

Ready to see the previous pioneers and their shiny new websites?

I love working with small businesses and sharing in their excitement on the day we launch their new websites and new life adventures. I can't wait for you to be a part of that!
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Ready to see your biz shine bright with custom website design?

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