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Website in a Week

Want to see the website you’ve been dreaming of up and ready for your customers in no time? There's no need to wait months.
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Achieve the perfect vision for your business website… in days.

Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of getting your website built? Is that why you keep putting it off?Maybe it’s the thought of trying to explain to someone else exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you don't even know! Perhaps you looked into doing it yourself and realised how hard it would be. Sigh. 
No one tells you when you start a business that your to-do list was going to be more like a 17-page exam paper that you dread looking at. When all you want to do is the thing you do best – provide  your service to your clients. And what you really really want, is it to be done nice and quickly, in an easy process.

My Website in a Week is for you!

I used to work in the traditional way, where a website would take at least two months going back and forth bit by bit, with every change and revision. But I realised that all my clients wanted was to have their website live and kicking, ready for their customers to find them ASAP... and so my Website in a Week was born. The actual price hasn't changed, but by working intensively in a collaborative method, means I can focus purely on the work and get it completed efficiently for you.

I design the site during the first day or two (depending on the size) and send through PDFs for you to look at and give me feedback during the day. This means we can amend styles, layouts and colours until we get it right, so you know I'll get that perfect vision you have in your head. Once approved, I spend the last days of your project building the website. These days are pretty intense, so I work on Mondays and Thursdays in a consecutive manner.

Imagine having your high-converting multi-page website ready to go and reaching customers in a matter of days!

The Ticket Price

To have your gorgeous multi-page website ready to launch in 3+ days
$1850 per day
(including GST)
What's included:
Custom designed multi-page website unique to your business
8 hours of my focused design time per day
Built and developed in WordPress (no over-used theme in sight!)
Up to 10 stock images from my stock photography account
Legal pages: Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Website Disclaimer
Custom functional pages: Form Thank You redirect and a 404 to catch broken links. 
SEO Technical set up: Intentional site structure and named URLs, optimised pages, resized and compressed images for fast load speed, site map submitted to Google for indexing.
Your website ready to launch in 3+ days, depending on the size of your site
Recorded WordPress training videos post launch so you can make future content updates
High quality mock ups to add to your social media and launch your new site
6 months website maintenance to keep it updated, backed up and secure.
Upgrade opportunities:
Keyword Research and SEO Strategy: The best investment you can make to ensure your website's success – to find out what your customers are looking for and to improve your opportunity to rank on Google. Find out more about my SEO in Web Design services.
Lead Magnet Set-Up: Want a downloadable freebie to drive people to your email list and warm them up to buy from you? I can set this up for you for an added cost, including the multi-page PDF, embedded form on your website, and the linking to your email platform.
What's not included:
Domain name registration, website hosting and email hosting fees BUT I can set this up for you.
Content Creation: I don't write the words for you, but I can refer you to my amazing copywriter to take the burden off your hands. If you'd rather do it yourself, I'll provide a content guide for you to follow outlining the amount of words I need for each page with content suggestions
Wondering how it all works? Read my Web Designer Day process for the details!
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What we can get done in your VIP design days

There’s no need to wait months to see your full gorgeous website light up the (cyber) sky. With my intensive design days we can achieve your multi-page website in no time. Here are some examples of different size websites and how many days they took.
6-page website in 3 days for Maths Heroes
9-page website in 3.5 days for Dental Republic
10-page website in 4 days for My Piano Method
7-page website + shop in 5 days for Murphys
17-page website in 5.5 days for Ascent Tree Solutions
20-page website in 6 days for Once in a Lifetime Holidays
There's no set price for the  number of pages as every site has different requirements depending on functionality required, custom style desired, and whether there is an eCommerce component. These examples also aren’t a guarantee of the time it will take to complete your project, as it’s fully dependent on flowing feedback and good communication to keep the day moving, but it’s more to give you an idea of what I’ve completed in the past for my happy clients. Who were all beyond excited to have a professional, quality website reflecting their exact vision, in days. Winning!
I engaged Rachel to completely redo my business website and transfer it over from a wix website onto WordPress. I decided to go with Rachel's Website in a Week design days to have the site up and running sooner. Rachel was SO easy to work with. She made my life so much easier by completely handling the transfer to WordPress which I had attempted to do myself in the past but found it too complicated. Rachel took my ideas and turned them into a beautiful sleek website thats user friendly and one that I'm so proud of. She works efficiently and makes herself available for questions which is so important as a time poor business owner. Thanks so much for your work Rachel!
Melissa Finlay, Nutritionist
Check out the website

Want to see more websites I've created in weeks?

Multi-page websites are for businesses that want to invest in themselves to reach more customers. With a multi-page website you can both target more SEO keywords and provide more valuable content for your audience. All this helps to convert your dream clients into a paying customer, but also means they stay on your website for longer, which is a win for SEO and helps your ranking improve with google! Check out some of the gorgeous websites I've created in a matter of days.
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Who the Website in a Week is for

Perfect for you if :

You’ve just started your business and don’t want to wait weeks to start reaching your customers.
You’re ready to invest in an expert (hi there!) to get a quality, SEO-optimised website that will get your website ranking and show your customers you're a professional that means business!
You have a vision and you’re excited to work together by completing the questionnaire, and having your content ready in time for our day.
You can be available for feedback (at times) during our day, ready to approve my designs and keep the project moving forward.

Probably not the right adventure if:

You’re looking for a small one-page website (check out my Website in a Day instead!).
You have a specific platform you want to work on such as Squarespace, Shopify, Showit or Wix. I work in WordPress only baby, it allows me to create custom designs (no themes) and it's better for SEO!
You don’t have any branding done yet (shoot me a message if this is a case, I know tons of amazing designers that can help!).
You’re looking for a cheap solution (sorry peeps – fast doesn’t mean cheap in this situation... it means experienced, like a boss!).
Rachel Clark, website in a week designer.

“Everyone has a dream. Success comes to those who act.”

- Sam Gupta -
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