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I help small business owners achieve the perfect vision for their website in days not weeks.
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How I can help you get your small business seen by your dream clients

Are you a small business owner juggling all the things?
If you are, my intensive design days are for you.
Hands up if you’ve been eyeing up your never-ending to-do list and thinking, “I really need to get shit done.”

Trust me... you aren’t alone! And it's time to tick off something big, 'cause that awesome website ain’t gonna design itself. 
But you’re not a designer. And even with those templates (that, y’know, everyone and their koala is using), your DIY designs definitely won’t look as authentic, aligned and awesome as you envisioned. 

It’s time to call in a pro.
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Looking for a creative comrade to craft your perfect website?

Hey hey!

I’m Rachel... the ever-exploring, problem-solving and morning sun-worshipping creative comrade for goal-getting trailblazers (just like you!).

I’m here to equip you with the perfect online presence you need to fearlessly grow your passion-packed daydream, side gig and small business into a fulfilling full-time adventure. And do you wanna hear what's even better? We can do it in days not weeks!

So, what are we waiting for... Are you ready for the Rachel Jane Design adventure? Let’s go have some fun!
Meet your adventure guide
Rachel Clark, web designer and owner

Want a fast-track ticket straight to the good stuff

Skip the small talk and grab the price for my design day, so you can book in and get your beautiful small business into the eyes of your customers... stat!
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Let’s explore your design path

Two paths diverged in a yellow wood… which one calls to you? Web Design or SEO?

Trick question! You really need both to see your biz succeed in this online world we live in. Take a look through my web design and SEO services to see what you need to get the perfect online destination... so your business is found by your customers!

Website Design + Development

Every adventurer needs a place to come home to. Somewhere to hang their hat, store their hopes, and daydream about their trail-blazing future. But this home isn’t just for you, goal-getter, this space is your target market’s place.

And your digital home needs to do more than comfort and calm. It needs to inspire, inform, influence and convert. Not only so you can turn those clicks into ka-chings that fuel your dream life, but so you can use your talent and genius to make the world a better place.
Website Design

SEO Strategy

You've heard the saying, 'If you build it, they will come'  right? Well, I hate to burst your business bubble (honestly, I am), but when it comes to your website, that's not gonna cut it, my friend.

Which is why I recommend my clients add my keyword research services and a well-defined SEO strategy, to work hard alongside the beautiful website I build for you. SEO might sound like a scary word, but all we're doing is making sure we answer the questions your ideal customer is searching for... Simple. 
SEO in Web Design
Already got a website and worried it's not performing at its best? 
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Every awesome adventure starts with a single heart-soaring step

Grab your hiking boots, it’s time to take ours
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Kudos from creative comrades

  • Whitening Republic

    Professional services - Teeth Whitening
    Thanks Rachel for being an absolute pleasure to deal with. You are easy to deal with, professional, friendly and amazing at what you do! Better yet, you continue to entertain my crazy and sporadic business ideas and do it as enthusiastically as me! I would highly recommend your services to anyone, particularly any boss babes wanting to take the first or next step in their business ventures.
    Tennille T, Owner
    See the project details!
    Website mockup for small business client
  • Sandra Edwards Pet Portraits

    creative services - artist
    Rachel did a fantastic job building the website for my business and was outstanding at bringing my vision to life. She captured the exact style I was after and I am so happy with the result.
    She communicated beautifully  throughout the whole process and made the experience very easy. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to get their business online!
    Sandy E, Owner
    See the project details!
    Website mock up for artist client
  • J Elizabeth Skincare

    Professional services - Beauty
    I used Rachel to design the website for my beauty salon. It looks amazing and is so beautifully designed... It's perfect!  

    I’m thrilled with the results and her support is second to none. Very happy customer! I would highly recommend Rachel and would never use anyone else!
    Joanne H, Owner
    Website mock up for beauty client

“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”

- Sue Fitzmaurice -
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You’ve got the dream... let’s design it!

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