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Give your customers greater value and make sure their audience can actually find that beautiful website you’ve created for them, with my white label SEO services.
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Are you an awesome web designer but get stuck when it comes to SEO?

I can picture the scene. You've created a beautiful website for your client, full of amazing user experience that will proudly showcase their services and convert their browsers into buyers. Winning!  

But a couple of weeks after it launches you get the dreaded question... 'Why isn't it showing on the first page of Google yet?'

Cue imposter syndrome and overwhelm from your end as you frantically try and work out how to tackle SEO and give them what they want!
Now, imagine instead you've set the website for SEO from the very start and can happily explain to them with confidence that the website is optimised, and they'll start to see ranking results soon. 

The problem? You don't want to learn SEO. You're a designer not a spreadsheet lover, and even the phrase search engine optimisation brings you out in a sweat!  

The solution? Hire an SEO-savvy web designer (hi there!) who understands user experience and design, and completes keyword research with this in mind!

Enter my White Label SEO Services!

Tailored keyword research to uncover the precise words and phrases your client's dream customers use when searching for their service. 

A page-level SEO Strategy telling you which keywords to use on which pages so you can connect your client with their target market.

Reduce your stress levels and take the guesswork out of your SEO efforts so you can start to see real results for your clients and feel confident their websites will be found by Google and their target audience.

With my white label SEO service you can provide the value all your customers are looking for – to see that gorgeous website you've created start to rank on Google.

The Ticket Price

To have your keyword research and page-level SEO Strategy done for you!
(including GST)
What's included:
Technical SEO audit of existing site (if applicable).
Custom keyword research to determine what your client's audience actually searches for
Full list of up 800 categorised keywords, showing search volume, keyword difficulty and priority
Recommended site structure (pages and hierarchy) with opportunities to upsell based on keyword data.
Page level strategy grouping all supporting and similar keywords with a focus keyword to help you target content on each page.
Off-page SEO tips and tricks to encourage your client to drive traffic to your website
Video training on understanding and using the SEO strategy.
Technical SEO audit of your client's site once you've implemented the SEO, to check for errors.
A copy of my SEO Field Guide to help you understand SEO and how to optimise your pages effectively.
A value-packed resource hub with swipe copy, templates, FAQs and an optimisation checklist.
Access to your very own SEO pro (that's me!) during your website project to answer any questions as you use the strategy and apply it to your client's website.
*NOTE: This may increase for eCommerce clients depending on the size of the store and number of products.
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What's not included in your SEO Strategy:
Content Creation: 
That's on you and your client! I highly recommend you use a copywriter to get the best results for your SEO efforts and am happy to recommend you to my legendary SEO copywriter – Renee, at Make Words Work – who I use for all my website projects if you're looking for someone. She's well versed in working with web designers and SEO strategies.
Guaranteed results: 
Google's algorithm is full of complexities and changes frequently so I can't guarantee any results for the keywords you're aiming to rank for. There's also a lot of variation when it comes to the keyword difficulty and how competitive your client's industry is. But by investing in SEO and using a targeted strategy (along with a technically sound SEO website) you'll be giving your client the best opportunity to rank! Remember to tell your client that SEO is not a quick fix, it's a long term investment, and they can expect to see results at 6, 12, or 18 months depending on the difficulty of the keyword.

White Label SEO Add-ons

Most small business clients won't necessarily need the competitor analysis, so to keep the white label SEO cost lower I've included this as an optional extra instead. I also work with other web designers on redesign projects and have a fab visual tracking report you can add on to give the extra wow factor to your clients. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Comprehensive competitor analysis

If your client is in a competitive industry and is keen to nab those top spots on the Google search results, it might be worth investing in a competitor analysis. We'll look at their top 5 competitors and check out their SEO tactics: what they're doing right, what they're doing wrong, and where the opportunity lies to hurdle over their online presence. This will help you to see what improvements your client can make to their own content and site structure to give them the best opportunity to rank.

Website Redesign + Migration SEO 

$165 per hour
What's the biggest stress factor when redesigning a client's website? Maintaining the SEO they've had in place for years... Enter cold sweat. But never fear! I use a range of top-notch SEO software to help you ensure your client has the shortest slump possible by assessing your staging site against their current site pre-launch. This includes redirect mapping, current ranking keywords, maintenance of internal linking, current SEO metadata and a backlink audit. You'll also get a handy checklist for you to use as a guide.

Monthly visual tracking report

$50 per month
Want to give your clients a high end option to view the effects of your SEO and website design efforts? Instead of trawling through data on Google Analytics and Search Console (ain't no one who enjoys looking at that!), give them a pretty package in the (e)mail each month, with gorgeously clear data laid out in charts and understandable layouts. Check out my sparkly SEO reports and yep, we can definitely whitelabel these too!

SEO training session

$925 for a half day
Do you want to improve your knowledge in SEO and feel confident in what you're providing to your clients, ready for when they ask those pesky questions that you just don't know the answers too? Over two 2-hour sessions, I'll walk you through the fundamentals of SEO and how to set your sites up for SEO success. Bring your list of questions to clear up any scary SEO stuff that you've never quite understood, and by the end of our sessions you'll be soaring.
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What happy customers say when they don't have to do their own SEO....

  • “I was blown away with how thorough Rachel was with her SEO research."

    Rachel is the queen of SEO! She provided me with a comprehensive report of the key words I need to be using within my content to attract my ideal clients. I was blown away with how thorough Rachel was with her SEO research and all the ways I can incorporate it into my website and all my content - I now have over 100 blog ideas! If you need SEO help, Rachel is your go-to!
    Cat Dunn OBM, Melbourne
    See the live website
    An SEO strategy implemented on an iPad featuring Cat Dunn's website.

The White Label SEO adventure is perfect for you if...

You're a web designer that wants to incorporate SEO into their services but doesn't have the time (or inclination!) to learn it. 
You want to give your clients more value and get their websites ranking on Google but you're not sure how or where to start.
You know your strengths and what you want to do with your time, and SEO ain't one of them, so you want to partner up with someone who can bring this into your business stress-free.
You want to outsource SEO but you don't like the idea of banging heads with someone who doesn't understand the benefits of design and user experience. Which is why an SEO Web Designer (AKA moi!) is a perfect fit for you!

How my white label SEO service works

When I realised what every client wants (to rank on Google), I decided years ago to study SEO and make it a part of my web design package. I'm one of those strange web designers that actually enjoys SEO and all that data-driven fun. And when I realised it was the biggest stress factor my web friends experienced (and after a few request for help!), I decided to create a white label SEO service. Here's some info on how it all works when you embark on an SEO adventure with me!

Submit an Enquiry

When you've decided enough's enough of googling how to do SEO (plus you're tired of those scary questions from your client as to why their site's not ranking yet) and you're ready to outsource it, submit an enquiry through my contact form to get the ball rolling.

Book in a time to chat

My appointment scheduler will arrive in your inbox for you to pick a time for our zoom chat so we can discuss how the process works, timelines and any questions you might have about working together. 

Check out the Resource hub

After out chat, you'll get access to my value-packed white label SEO resource hub! It includes swipe copy, so you can confidently sell SEO services to your clients, along with proposal and strategy templates, FAQs and an optimisation checklist for when you implement SEO onto your client's site. You'll also get the link to use when you're ready to book in a project.

Kick off with your first client!

When you've got your first SEO client (exciting!) you can hit the link I provide you in the resource hub and fill in all the details on my ready-to-go white label SEO proposal.

Contract + Invoice

You know the drill... the next step is to sign the contract I've sent through and pay my 50% commencement invoice to secure your SEO spot on my calendar.

Book your White Label SEO project date!

Once I've received your invoice payment, you'll get my scheduler via email to select the day that you want me to hand over the SEO strategy for your client. I recommend you pick a day that's ahead of your timeline for your website design work. The SEO Strategy can sometimes drive the site structure in a different direction, plus your copywriter will want the data before they start writing the content. 

Welcome Kit

My Welcome Kit will arrive in your inbox with further details on what to expect from working together, and what you need to do to help the project run smoothly. I also outline expectations of results with regard to SEO, and how there's no guarantee with Google.

SEO Questionnaire

You'll receive an online questionnaire via my client management system (Dubsado) with a number of questions that helps me dive deep into your client's SEO requirements. I recommend you integrate my questions into your own onboarding process and then manually fill in the questionnaire yourself.

Our White Label SEO Day

Whoop whoop! Your day of stress-free SEO is here. You might hear from me in the week leading up to this date with any questions I have about your client's SEO. I kick off with keyword research, then categorise this into clusters to feed into the page-level strategy using searcher intention. We have a hand over zoom call at 4pm on this day for me to walk you through your client's strategy. Once you pay the final invoice, I'll then send all the documents through!

Your White Label SEO Plan

I put all the final data together into a Google Sheets strategy document. You can make a copy of this document and add your own branding to send it to your client in which ever presentation manner you want. Or you can use the strategy template included in my resource hub. You'll also receive training videos on how to use the data and apply it to your client's website. 

Want to partner on more client projects?

If you've been happy with the process and want to lock in more white label SEO strategies for your future client projects, hooray! I love working with other web designers and helping your beautiful sites rank for your clients. For each new project simply follow the process again and enquire afresh for each new job.

An SEO bestie for life!

I want you to feel as confident as I do with SEO for your client sites, so I’m always around if you have any questions. I also have a training session option, so if you want to learn more about SEO and applying it to your websites, you can book in a half day with me.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

- Henry David Thoreau -
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