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The SEO Compass

AKA your website SEO Audit

Want to make sure your website is performing at its best? With my value-packed SEO Audit, you get a professional exploration of your present SEO potential, perils and pitfalls.
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Feeling lost with your SEO?

Give your website a health check with my SEO Audit

Not sure if your website’s SEO needs to be rescued, revived or high-fived? Hmm. It sounds like you might be in one of two positions:

A. You bravely DIY’d your website yourself, but totally winged the SEO bit. (No judgement here! Multi-tasking small business owners are my heroes!)

B. You hired a pro designer to build your website but you’re not really sure if SEO was even on their radar and don't know how to check it youself.

If this sounds familiar, then there's a chance you have no clue if your SEO is performing at its peak or wandering aimlessly through the wild woods of the web. Yikes!

You're not even entirely sure what SEO actually is. Well, you’re in the right place.

You’re about to tap into the guidance and genius of an expert SEO website designer (yep, still me!) and, together, we’ll decipher the mysteries of your current website SEO success.

Meet your personal SEO Compass

Let’s be real: Understanding your SEO can feel a lot like aimlessly navigating the wilderness with nothing but a Snickers bar in hand and a head full of worries.

How are you meant to know if you’re on the right track?

Easy: You equip yourself with a compass.

My SEO Compass service is your navigational guide to discovering exactly what in the wild woods is happening with your website SEO.

I'll identify the good, the bad, and the seemingly perplexing (because I promise everything will make sense soon!)

Let’s embark on an intensive exploration of your digital territory

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The SEO Compass is an introductory audit examining the challenging terrain of your website's SEO fundamentals.
Just like a seasoned explorer, I'll put on my wilderness gear and venture deep into the wilderness of your website to examine each and every page.

I’ll find the ways your website is successfully clearing the path for your dream customers to find you and seek out any hidden obstructions that may be causing them to lose their way or abandon the trail altogether.
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As a pro web designer, I’ll also check through your layout, design and user experience (how your customer goes from browsing to buying!) We use SEO to get people to your website, but you want them to stay on there, get to know you and buy your service too!

At the end of my exploration, you’ll receive a comprehensive trail map of actionable recommendations to improve your website’s SEO and user experience (and help turn those fleeting visitors into loyal trekking companions!).

This adventure is perfect for you if:

You have an existing website … but you’ve got no clue if your website SEO is awesome or awful.
You’re worried your SEO isn’t set up properly (if at all!)
You're eager to elevate your online presence, attract more customers, and give your competition a run for their money.
You're seeking a personalised investigation and an introductory trail map that will navigate you through the complexities of your website SEO.
Website audits are one of my favourite things to do! There's nothing I love more than trekking deep into a website, using a little bit of detective work with my fancy SEO tools, and putting together an action plan for you, to give your site a well-deserved Google-ranking boost. 

Let’s make sure your website has packed everything it needs for its business adventure.
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The Ticket Price

To give you confidence in your website and know what to do to fix it
(including GST)
What's included with your SEO Compass service:
Review of your current SEO keywords, to see what you're ranking for and opportunities for improvement.
Full audit of your technical SEO to identify any issues, including duplicate content, broken links, header tag troubles, missing page titles and meta descriptions, low content pages, and image SEO problems.
Website speed check and identification of any slow page loading issues, such as large images.
Deep dive into your page indexing to make sure Google has crawled and indexed each page of your site and is displaying it in relevant search results.
On-page SEO review to identify any keyword focus discrepancies and missing metadata.
General user experience assessment to highlight any major design or layout problems.
A comprehensive written report and step by step plan for you to work through and fix up your SEO and gain some quick win improvements... Consider this your ready-to-achieve to-do list for you to action straight away.
Video summary feedback walking you through the report so you can visually see where the problems are and understand the report easily.
PLUS: A free SEO Cheat Sheet guide on how to apply your keywords correctly to your website pages.
PLUS: Image resize and compression video training to make sure your future images won't slow down your site.
AND if the idea of actioning the outcomes of your audit stresses you out, never fear. Your package also includes a commitment-free quote to outsource the overwhelm and hire my SEO support!
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Warning: Once you get your SEO Audit results...
You might not be happy with your website anymore... yikes. Which is totally ok! A lot of my clients realise that it would just be easier to start afresh and get a professional SEO web designer (that's me!) to create an all-singing, all-dancing, SEO-optimised website that reflects your business perfectly, rather than try and complete a renovation yourself in the very little spare time you have.

I'm here for you.

I love working with small business owners to make their sites soar in the big wide web, giving you the best opportunity for your dream customers AND google to find you.

For the very best results, we wan to complete an SEO Strategy first – to see exactly what words your customers use when they search for your service – and then build a beautiful new website!

Read about my epic web design and SEO services here....

How my clients feel after using my SEO Audit Services!

Check out my page full of client success stories if you want to read more!
  • “My website communicates my brand better now, the layout is better and I finally have a grasp on how keywords work."

    I thought my DIY website was a good start, but worried it was lacking in communicating my offers. There's only so much you can learn on google and youtube! When I saw Rachel's Website Audit, I knew it was for me. For a small fee, I was able to completely transform my website. Rachel was so prompt, easy to communicate with and went above and beyond. The report she provided was really useful, and I implemented the changes in my own time. Thank you Rachel for helping me vastly improve my website!
    Gulina, Styled by Gulinka
Ready to be guided to SEO success?
Never get lost in the digital wilderness again. Get your SEO Compass now and chart your course to victory!
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How the SEO Compass experience works

Picture this: Your resident SEO expert (that’s me!) gets settled in with a steaming cup of coffee and diligently explores the depths of your website's nooks and crannies.

Book your date

When you click on the button to order your audit, select the day that you want to receive your audit. Once you pay the invoice, you'll secure your audit date in my calendar hooray! You've also got an opportunity here to add any comments about your concerns and goals for your website. 

Request a chat

If you have any questions you’d like to ask before I get started, you can use my scheduler (sent in a second email) to book a 15-minute call with me.

Completing your Audit

As I navigate through your digital domain, I become a devoted detective. I click on every button, trail every link, and put myself in your customers' hiking boots to embark on the same journey they do. My mission is to uncover any hidden gems that may have been overlooked and seek out the elements that may disrupt your visitor’s browsing flow or leave them scratching their heads.

Then, armed with my fancy SEO software, I delve deep into the virtual wilderness, scanning for broken pages, ferreting out duplicate content, and tracking down missing page titles and other essential SEO metadata. These findings, like valuable clues, paint a clear picture of the areas that need your attention and improvement.

Your Written Action Plan

When the expedition concludes, I compile all my discoveries into a comprehensive trail map (your ready-to-action to-do list!). Your trail map gives you a bird’s-eye view of your digital landscape, shows you where the best views are and pinpoints how to get there. 

In other words, you receive a pretty PDF by email that takes you through the audit findings step by step, task by task. It's an easy-to-follow report that will help you implement my recommendations yourself step by step. You also receive a video summary of the big ticket items, to help you visualise what you need to do.

Need more help?

Don't worry, I'm not one to leave you adrift in the wilderness, not knowing which way to turn! If you're struggling to work through your audit report on your own, you can always book me in to implement the changes for you. Every website platform is different, and some have SEO restrictions (it's why I work in WordPress!) so I can't guarantee results. I also have a range of more advanced SEO Services plus can help you with a full new Website Design if you want to level up!

An SEO bestie for life!

I want you to love SEO as much as I do and  get the best results for your biz, so I’m around if you have any questions. It might take me a day or two sometimes if I'm super busy, but I'll always get back to you. 
Want to monitor you SEO results?
Check out my brand new visual tracking report service, so you can easily see how your SEO is improving.
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