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The SEO Expedition

AKA your custom SEO Strategy

Tailored keyword research and a complete SEO strategy to make your website a beacon for your dream target market.
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Why you need to invest in an SEO Strategy for your business

Forging a website without SEO is like inviting your audience on extraordinary adventure... but forgetting to send them a map to your destination.

You might have the BEST website known to humankind. But if it's not set up and optimised for SEO, then there's a good chance nobody will find it, and your dream target market will remain lost in the vast wilderness of the wide web. (Or, worse, will stumble across a path leading them to your competitor! Yikes.)
But anything that’s lost can be found. So let’s build a map that makes your awesome website more visible and discoverable for your potential customers.

When you book an SEO Strategy with me, I'll be the personalised seeker of online visibility for your business, giving you the best opportunity to connect with your target market. When we know what words your audience actually types in when they search, we can use these across your website so you'll pop up in Google's results.

Let's chart a course to your best online presence.

The SEO Expedition is your chance unleash the untapped potential of your online presence with a professionally personalised SEO strategy. I'll be your trusted guide to unlock the trails that lead your target market straight to your virtual doorstep.

I deep dive into tailored keyword research, where I uncover the precise words and phrases your dream customers use when searching. By illuminating these powerful keywords (otherwise known as optimising your pages), we’ll blaze the trail by letting Google know that your content has the answer that your customers are searching for. A good SEO Strategy will connect you with your dream customers and ensure your website gets the attention it deserves.

Each keyword we discover for your business is a new opportunity to reach your target market and forge a path to greater visibility online. We group these words into topics (or clusters if we're being SEO-specific) and allocate them to each page of your site. This ensures that your amazing content is optimised for the right search term, encouraging Google to rank you higher in the search results... winning!

More than just metadata recommendations, this is a pro-level custom SEO strategy designed to make the most of every corner of your website.

The Ticket Price

To have your Google-ranking, future-focused SEO Strategy ready in a day
(including GST)
What's included:
Dedicated hours of strategic SEO services from your resident SEO expert (me!)
A meticulously crafted site map that lays a solid groundwork based on comprehensive data analysis.
Custom keyword research tailored to determine searcher intent (which makes sure your business is connecting with the right clickers!)
A full list of up to 1000 tailor-made keywords scouted for your personal use and categorised for easy access, showing search volume, keyword difficulty and priority.
15 cherry-picked focus keywords to help concentrate your SEO and content.
Page-level strategy grouping all supporting keywords with your focus keywords to help you target your content on each page of your website.
Guidance on site content that will connect with your target market.
Off-page SEO tips and tricks to drive traffic to your website.
A fuss-free (but full of value!) SEO strategy report with a video training on how to select keywords for future content and implement everything you’ve learned.
A basic tracking report (at the time of the strategy and again at three, six and 12 months) to monitor your results.
My SEO Page Optimisation guide to help you understand where to put the focus keyword in your content to maximise results for each page.
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What's not included in your SEO Strategy:
Content Creation: 
I don't write the words for you, but I can refer you to my amazing copywriter to take the burden off your hands. Authentic content is one of the top ranking factors for your website pages, and by providing words and information that your audience will value, they'll stay on your site longer, which indicates to Google that you're worth showing in their search results. By using an SEO copywriter to write this for you, you'll have optimised pages and epic ongoing blog content, giving you the time to focus on what you do best!
Google Analytics set up: 
I can implement you google tag onto your website for you, but I don't offer Google Analytics set up as a service.
Google Business Profile set up: 
I can give you some tips on how to optimise this, but I don't offer Google Business Profile set up as a service.
Guaranteed results: 
Google's algorithm is complex and competition can be high, so either way there is no guarantee on ranking results, but with any SEO time you've invested with me, we'll be giving you the best opportunity to do so. Remember it's a long term investment, so you might not see results for 6, 12, or 18 months depending on the difficulty of the keywords and the competitiveness of your industry.

SEO Strategy Add-ons

Maximise your opportunities for an extra fee
Not every client wants or needs these advanced services, so instead of including them as mandatory in my strategy package (so I can keep the price to a minimum), I've made them add-ons so you can pick and choose the ones that suit you best. For example, if you're using a copywriter, you won't need the metadata recommendations as they'll create these for you. 

Comprehensive competitor analysis

To spotlight what your competitors are doing right – and wrong! – we can analysis their SEO efforts to identify any opportunities, find any gaps, and allow you to nab the SEO spotlight with your own content.

Not every business owner will need (or want) this, but if you're in a competitive industry and want to nosey on what they're doing, this is for you!

Metadata recommendations

Your focus keywords are attributed to each page of your website within your strategy. With this add-on service I provide written metadata recommendations for the Page Title, Meta Description, and Header 1 tag for each page to make sure you're optimising these key SEO spots properly. The price will depend on the number of pages you require this for.

Monthly visual tracking report

$50 per month
Upgrade from the basics and receive an awesome visual tracking report that is a lot easier (and more enjoyable!) to understand. This will commence after your strategy and you'll receive a monthly report to monitor your results and see how your site is faring with your new SEO improvements. Want to see what they look like? Check out my sparkly SEO reports and what's included.

SEO implementation

$925 for a half day
We all get busy and the hardest thing to do is find time to work on our own stuff. Although implementation isn't included with my SEO strategy service, you can book in an extra half day for me to log onto your site and optimise each page for you. If you're booking in a strategy as part of a new project with me, huzzah! Your Strategy will of course be expertly implemented into your website build by moi and included in the price.
Where to next once you have your SEO Strategy in place?
The last thing I want is for you to freak out because you're too busy and don't know where to start. If you don't want our SEO journey to end and feel like you would benefit from a little guidance when it comes to what to focus on next, I've created an amazing ongoing service for my strategy clients, with quarterly meetings and action plans for you to follow.

My SEO Basecamp will guide you through a year of SEO for $500 per quarter, where I provide you with 4-6 key milestones to focus on at a time, so it takes the stress and unknown away, and you can concentrate on the content and not the data analysis!

SEO results from my happy clients

Check out my page full of client success stories if you want to read more!
  • “I now have over 100 blog ideas and endless ways to attract my ideal clients."

    I tried DIYing my SEO at first, but I knew I needed an expert when I kept getting stuck (and when nothing made a difference!) Happily, I found Rachel and her Keyword Scout service. Rachel is the queen of SEO! She provided me with a comprehensive report of the key words I need to be using within my content to attract my ideal clients. I was blown away with how thorough Rachel was with her SEO research and all the ways I can incorporate it into my website and all my content - I now have over 100 blog ideas! If you need SEO help, Rachel is your go-to!
    Cat Dunn OBM, Melbourne
    See the live website
    An SEO strategy implemented on an iPad featuring Cat Dunn's website.
  • “It’s such a relief to have a plan in place so my SEO can actually support my website and results."

    Rachel is a delight to work with and went above and beyond my expectations with her SEO strategy and implementation for my business. She is extremely transparent and took the time and effort to explain everything so that I understood the logic, data and principles behind the strategy, which I really appreciated. Rachel also took a collaborative approach, taking on board my feedback and suggestions. I am excited now that we have a plan in place, and SEO implemented on my website, to track the results and continue to learn and refine as we gather data.
    Emily Osmond, Melbourne
    See the live website
    Emily Osmond, an SEO Strategy client of Rachel Jane Design, wearing a pink dress and laughing.
Ready to book your ticket for an SEO Strategy?
Rachel Clark, an SEO expert, diligently working on her laptop at her home office.

Do you guarantee ranking results?

If a business builds a website and creates great content but nobody is clicking through to see it… does it really exist? It sure does, and your dream customers WILL be out there. They just need to find their way to you. And the way we do this is with an epic SEO Strategy and page optimisation for the keywords we find. 

BUT it is a long-term investment and Google's algorithm is pretty darn complex (and unpredictable!). For this reason I can't guarantee what results you'll get, but by implementing and using an SEO Strategy, we're definitely giving your business the best possible opportunity to rank well. Take a look at the results my clients have achieved!
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The SEO Expedition is perfect for you if:

You're a small business owner or entrepreneur struggling to be discovered by your dream customers.
You’re ready to build a new website and you want to make sure it’s perfectly set up from the start so you can appeal to Google and dream customers alike.
You’ve had your website for a while but it isn’t set up with SEO and you’re seeking proper, pro SEO to level up and get your website performing better than ever.
You’re about to launch a new business and want to give yourself the best opportunity to reach your target market to reach customers without paying for Google ads (‘cause who clicks on them anyway, hey!)
You’re on a mission to boost your online visibility and connect with your target market in a meaningful way.
You want to be more professional and take you business more seriously and you know that you need to invest to do this. Plus it's a tax write-off (yay!).
You understand the transformational value of SEO and appreciate the investment it takes to get it right.
You value your time and want a streamlined keyword research process that delivers actionable insights and saves you precious hours of trial and error.
You believe in the power of data and want to make strategic decisions based on valuable insights rather than guesswork.

The steps to getting your value-packed SEO Strategy

I'm here to take the stress of SEO out of your hands and make the process as easy as pie. My process involves a little input from you and then a whole lot of detective work and deep diving into your audience's search habits from me! Leaving you with an easy-to-follow SEO strategy to make sure your website is optimised and your content is heading in the right direction.

Submit an Enquiry

To Enter my client process
When you're ready to make the best investment into your biz and book an SEO strategy, head on over to my enquiry form and add some details about yourself and your business.

Book in a time to chat

One Day Later
You’ll receive my scheduler to lock in a time for a zoom chat so we can discuss where you're at with your website and what you want to achieve with SEO. You can also ask any questions you might have about SEO works. If you're booking in a website design or redesign as well (nice move!), then the SEO part will be completed before we start the design, as the keyword research data can often guide the site structure!

Receive the Proposal

Same Day
After our chat, you'll receive my official SEO proposal with the details on what this includes and what you can expect from the project. Simply hit select on the SEO service, add your details and hit submit!

Contract + Invoice

After you've accepted the Proposal
We're almost there with the admin stuff! Once you've accepted the proposal, you’ll receive a contract to sign and an invoice of 50% of the full price to secure your SEO spot.

Book your Strategy in!

Once Payment is Received
Woohoo! This is always the exciting bit. Once I've received your invoice payment, you'll get a scheduler from me via email to select the day that you want me to complete your SEO strategy. 

I suggest you pick a day that you're available to answer questions from me via Messenger (I mostly use Facebook or WhatsApp with my clients). I won't need much feedback from you, but I'll always check in when I'm making big SEO decisions before I finalise your strategy.

If you've booked in a website design with me as well, the SEO strategy is the very first thing we complete. This is because as well as guiding site structure, it will also create a content guide for your copy. We'll want a couple of weeks break between your SEO strategy being completed and your first web design day, to make sure you have enough time to get your copy finalised.

Welcome Kit

Once you've locked in your date
I'll send you a pretty little package in the (e)mail with my Welcome Kit for you to read through. This explains what you can expect from working with me, and what you need to do to help our SEO day run smoothly and productively. I also outline expectations of results with regard to SEO, and how there's no guarantee with Google.

SEO Questionnaire

One Day Later
You'll receive a questionnaire with a number of questions that helps me dive deep into your SEO requirements. This is what I'll use to guide your Strategy, so it’s important to add all the information you think is relevant. I’ll also ask if you have things like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business set up. If not I can help you with this too!

The SEO Strategy Day

Your booked date
Huzzah! It’s here. When this exciting day rolls around, I'll send you a message so you know I've kicked off your project, and then I'll knuckle down into your audience's data-driven behaviour using my fancy SEO software. I start with keyword research, then categorise this into grouped topics, which helps us determine pages for your website based on the value your dream client is actually searching for. 

Your SEO Plan

At the end of our SEO day
All that work above gets put together into a gorgeous page-level SEO strategy document, where I add a visual sitemap and off-page SEO recommendations too. You'll receive this SEO plan along with training videos on how to use the data and apply it to your website. This can be a great help with writing future content and blogs, or if you've booked in a new website with me, it'll make writing the words for your pages (by you or your copywriter!) a stress-free experience.

Need more help?

Once the dust has settled on your SEO Strategy Day
Even though I provide full support – including answering any question you might have about using your SEO strategy as well as those awesome training videos – I totally know what it's like to run a small business and get snowed under with client work and everything else that comes from being a solopreneur. So I've created an extra service for my strategy clients called the SEO Basecamp. This is to help you manage your ongoing SEO and takes the stress out of picking which keywords to focus on next. It's a 12-month journey with me for just $500 per quarter, and I give you 4-6 key items to focus on every three months. This makes it totally manageable from your end and ensures you make the most of your SEO strategy.

An SEO bestie for life!

I want you to love SEO as much as I do and be able use your strategy going forward to get the best results for your biz, so I’m around if you have any questions. It might take me a day or two sometimes if I'm super busy, but I'll always get back to you. If it’s updates or extras you need, we can book you back in at anytime for a half day, full day or more to implement the SEO, or even expand that awesome website of yours to reach more clients! 
Your dream customers are searching for you.
Let's help them find you!

Fancy-ass visual SEO tracking reports

$50 per month
Have you ever looked at your Google Analytics report, and taken a big gulp at all the rows and columns of data? Cue overwhelm. So you browse at random not really knowing what you're looking at, or what any of it even means for your website. 

Wouldn't it be easier to understand, and much enjoyable to look at, if your traffic and SEO reports were packaged into a sparkly dashboard, complete with charts and easy-to-take-in reports. I know it made all the difference to me when I first started using it! And so I decided to create an add-on service for my SEO clients, so you can confidently monitor the health of your website and track your SEO efforts... huzzah! This is a wonderful way to get a visual overview on how your business is performing across your website traffic, SEO and social media.
What's included with a monthly subscription:
Custom dashboard set up so you can track what's important, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Social Media accounts, Email Marketing Platforms, and Keyword Tracking.
Comparison markers for each report so you can easily compare how your site is performing to the month before.
Monthly Reports straight to your inbox.
Log in access, so you can jump in and check whenever you want, with the option for you to click through to each main tracking report and deep dive into the data.
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