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Is your SEO wandering aimlessly through the wide wild web?

Keywords and headers, optimising SEO in web design, backlinks and alt tags, meta data and traffic, on-page and off-page, google indexing…

Ever feel like figuring out your SEO is like attempting a crossword puzzle without any clues? Does it give you a headache just thinking about it?

Well, I've got you, friend... ‘Cause when it comes to getting your beautiful business seen, solid SEO services can be the difference between visibility and invisibility.

So, together, let’s put you on the right path – and page!

Future-focused SEO services for making and meeting your google ranking goals.

To save you the stress of wasting hours on google finding snippets of SEO tips, I've put together some epic SEO services that will help your site be seen, and found, by Google and your ideal customer:


The SEO Compass

AKA your SEO Website Audit
Perfect for:
Small businesses with a website already, that you might not be happy with, or don't think it's performing at its best.
What it is:
A professional audit exploring your SEO potential, perils and pitfalls, with an action plan to-do list to follow.
Beginner-friendly (with DIY implementation!)
Choose this adventure if:
You’ve got no clue if your website’s SEO needs to be rescued, revived or high-fived and you want some guidance from a pro.
Explore the SEO Audit adventure

The SEO Expedition

AKA your SEO Strategy
Perfect for:
Start-ups and small businesses searching for stress-free SEO services and strategy.
What it is:
Tailored keyword research and page level strategy designed to clear the digital trail and connect you with your target market. Pro add-ons available!
Intermediate (with DIY implementation and a comprehensive how-to guide)
Choose this adventure if:
You want an SEO pro to treasure hunt the precise keywords that’ll deliver your dream audience to your door.
Explore the SEO Strategy adventure

The SEO Basecamp

AKA Ongoing SEO Support
Perfect for:
Small businesses ready to invest in their SEO long-term who need help and direction in what to prioritise.
What it is:
A one-year guided adventure exclusively for my SEO Scout or Expedition alumni to conquer your SEO strategy and dominate your digital landscape.
For SEO Expedition clients only – needs to be completed first.
Intermediate (with DIY implementation and ongoing guidance)
Choose this adventure if:
You’re serious about your SEO success and have the time and resources to invest in a guided long-term expedition.
Explore the ongoing SEO adventure

The SEO Scout

AKA your white label SEO
Perfect for:
Web designers that want to provide more value for their clients with SEO services, but don't want to (or don't know how to!) do the heavy SEO lifting.
What it is:
Keyword research and page level strategy for your client with keyword focus and categorise supporting keywords.
You must be a web designer to make sure of this service.
Expert (with comprehensive guide for implementation)
Choose this adventure if:
You want to see your client websites rank on google,  but get stuck when it comes to your SEO!
Explore the white label SEO adventure

Heads up for my SEO Services: Results are not guaranteed.

I pride myself on full transparency so it’s important that I highlight that I cannot guarantee specific rankings. I do not claim that your website will reach the number one position on Google. My SEO services involve identifying what people are searching for and optimising your site accordingly to increase the likelihood of ranking higher on search engine results pages. It's important to understand that search algorithms and ranking factors undergo constant changes, making it challenging to predict precise outcomes. Moreover, the competitiveness of certain keywords, such as "online piano course," can make it more difficult to rise in the rankings.

SEO is a long-term investment, and there are no quick fixes.

However, by ensuring your website meets technical SEO standards and strategically incorporating the right keywords in your content and SEO metadata, we can maximise your chances of seeing improvements in search engine rankings.

Cool? Cool.

Can’t I just chuck the same keywords across all my pages?

Well, you could. But you’d also be committing a cardinal SEO sin: Keyword cannibalisation.

Keyword cannibalisation is when you target the same keyword across a number of your pages, using the same or similar phrase in your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags and content.

This means that when Google lands on a page and checks all those usual SEO hotspots that signal what the page’s content is about, it doesn’t know which page is most relevant to their searcher and it might not pick the right one. Or worse, bypass your site completely and head to the next option in the search results!

This might not sound like a big deal, but it could send the wrong traffic your way. It’s like searching for hiking boots and ending up on a site for dog cookies. The dog cookies might be cute, but they aren’t the boots you were searching for. So, naturally, you bid the cookies adieu and head off in search of more relevant content.

And Google sees ALL of this. Which matters, ‘cause the longer someone stays on your page (and then travels through your site), the higher value Google puts on it.

If people are clicking then leaving, it’ll send a negative signal to Google about your content.
And we wanna keep Google happy.

So, keyword cannibalisation. Please. Don’t. Do. It.

Remember: Clear and valuable content geared to our main topic is ALWAYS more powerful
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Want to understand SEO better?

I know it can be tricky to get your head around, so I've created a value-packed, free cheat sheet to help you understand SEO and how you can apply it to your own website.

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