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Website in a Day

Get your business backpack ready, with a custom-designed one-page website in a day service.
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Have you got a small business and need a website now?

I launched the Website in a Day because I know what it’s like – you finally decide to go for it and launch the small business you’ve been dreaming of, and you excitedly register your business name, get your logo sorted and just want to start getting clients.

Last thing to tick off your list? A website.
Maybe you looked at DIYing it, maybe you bought a template. But you’ve got so many other things on your to-do list, your website keeps going on the back burner. It’s too overwhelming to get started so you shelve it. 

But you’re in a catch 22, because you need it to start getting customers!

Enter my Website in a Day!

A beautiful, custom-designed one-page website for your business to start reaching customers and making sales.

My Website in a Day service is perfect if you’re just starting out in business and want to look professional, but aren’t quite ready to invest in a large, multi-page all singing and dancing digital destination just yet.

We’ll showcase your business, your story, and your services, with an easy to find contact section. With my Design Day method, you can provide live feedback throughout the day so we’ll nail your perfect vision!
Wondering how it all works? Read about my Web Designer Day process for the details!

The Ticket Price

To have your gorgeous one-page website up and running in a day
(including GST)
+ Custom designed website unique to your business
+ 8 hours of my focused design time
+ Built and developed in WordPress (not an over-used theme in sight!)
+ Ready to launch at the end of the day
+ Recorded WordPress training videos post launch so you can make future content updates
+ High quality mock ups to add to your social media and launchyour new site.
+ 6 months website maintenance.
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What a one-page website looks like

We’re not talking a business card snapshot. When it comes to a my Website in a Day, you get one adventurously long page, jam-packed with valuable content to persuade your ideal customer that you’re the biz for them.
Your page is split into 5 main sections:
>> Intro
>> Your USPs ('why choose you')
>> Background on you and your biz
>> Services
>> Contact

We pop in all your contact and social media links, and have a main menu up the top so your customers can easily jump to the information they’re looking for.
Rachel was a dream to work with! I booked her website in a day and was surprised at how quick and simple (from my end) it was. She added all the little things I hadn’t thought about and I found value being included in the process throughouyt the day. If you’ve been thinking of working with Rachel, do it! Definitely worth the investment and you weon’t be disappointed. We are beyond thrilled with the final result. Can highly recommend!
Jamie, Opal Speech Pathology
(Pssst: Want to check out the case studies for all my projects?)

Who the Website in a Day is for

Perfect for you if :

You’ve just started your business and want to get a website up and running straight away.
You’re ready to invest in a professional (hi there!) to get a quality, SEO-optimised website that will start you on the right track in biz.
You have a vision and you’re excited to work together by completing the questionnaire, and having your content ready in time for our day.
You can be available for feedback (at times) during our day, ready to approve my designs and keep the project moving forward.

Probably not the right adventure if:

You’re looking for a large, multi-page website (check out my Website in a Week instead!).
You’re looking for an eCommerce website to set up shop and sell your amazing products.
You don’t have any branding done yet (shoot me a message if this is a case, I know tons of amazing designers that can help!).
You’re looking for a cheap solution (sorry peeps – fast doesn’t mean cheap in this situation... it means experienced, like a boss!).
Rachel Clark, website in a day designer, sitting on her bed.

“The secret of getting ahead, is getting started.”

- Mark Twain -
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