Sandra Edwards

Rachel did a fantastic job building the website for my business and was outstanding at bringing my vision to life. She captured the exact style I was after and I am so happy with the result. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to get their business online.
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A dark low-key palette, leaving the beautiful art to speak for itself

Client name:

Sandra Edwards

Project Date:

September 2021

What they do:

Hand-drawn dog and family portraits

Client Brief:

> Full site redesign to create a mood to reflect the art.

> Use dark colours for an emotional response.

> Recently changed focus of business to predominantly dog portraits.

> Would like to reach more customers and encourage online bookings.

Sandra Edwards is an award-winning artist that creates hand-drawn pet portraits from customer photographs, for buyers to cherish for years to come.

After offering a range of services on her existing site for the last two years (portraits, invitations, fine art and graphic design) Sandra decided to niche down and focus on one main service, which also happens to be her passion - her gorgeous hand-drawn portraits. For this, she needed an overhaul.

This was a redesign project for Sandra Edwards and I created a completely new vibe with her web design.

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Project Results

Sandy is one skilled lady! When she started her business a few years ago she offered all of her skillset on one website, with a range of different services. This made it difficult to target the right clients and offer a clear message of what she did. By focusing her business message on her main service - portraits - I could create a website that not only states what she she does loud and clear, but would also hugely appeal to her customer base.

I used dark tones throughout the site to build an evocative visual that would trigger an emotional engagement from potential clients. Sandy’s previous site used bright pink and teal, which would have created a disjoined effect as most people looking for a portrait usually commission them after their pet has sadly passed. This new dramatic tone better complements the industry and lets her art shine.

By focusing on one product offer, I could also create a more effective SEO strategy. I targeted many opportunities to match the customers’ online searches with this multi-page website.

“She communicated beautifully throughout the whole process and made the experience very easy.”

- Sandra Edwards -

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