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You’ve got a (bloody awesome) vision for your website. 

Now let's design it. With my intensive design days, you get a quality website ready in days so you can reach your perfect customers quicker.
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Good designers appreciate your adventures. 
But creative comrades (like me!) make adventures with you. 

I work in a day rate method and my design services include SEO and web design + development. Scroll down and have a nosey through for the specifics, or if you want to explore my Design Day opportunities, hit the pretty orange buttons below!
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Website design & development

Your dream business is finally ready to launch, you've got your socials set up, and now it's time to tackle the big one. Your website. And you want one that not only reflects the perfect vision you have in your head, but is a functional website that persuades your customers to convert from browsers to buyers!

Well, you're in the right place. Woo hoo!

Because I specialise in designing custom websites that take your audience from interest to loyalty, where they can't wait to invest in everything you do.  

Take a look and get excited for what's to come with your biz.
Website Design

SEO Strategy + Keyword Research

When your gorgeous new website is live and kicking, what you really, really want is for your ideal customer to stumble across it in their googling journey, and immediately decide to work with you. And good SEO, weaved expertly through your website, is how they'll find you.

Because you know that once they see your website – designed beautifully by yours truly ;) – they'll see exactly who you are, what you do and how you can help them. 

Which is why I offer keyword research and SEO strategy. Because I know if we do it right from the get-go, your website will show up when they're searching! Want to know more?
SEO in Web design
beautiful website showing on laptop on a desk.
Already got a website but unsure if your SEO is hitting the mark?

Ready to see your business come to life with a gorgeous website?

Hear that? It’s the call of the wild, trailblazer. It’s beckoning you towards a business and future that shuns stressful normality (boo) and embraces entrepreneurial exploration (yeah, baby!).

A life where you don’t groan when you’re greeted by a new day, but instead bounce out of bed ready to build your business and bring your dreams to life.

The good news
You don’t have to do it alone. Because in this busy online world, you've just found your local web designer expert, ready to support your success. High-five.

The even better news
I'm a day rate designer, baby! That's right - you get my focus squarely on you for 8 hours a day. Which means you get a high quality website in a short timeframe so you can start reaching customers and making sales!

Wanna see how my intensive design days work? 
Read all about the process for my web designer days.
In the meantime, here’s how you can tell if you’re in the right place for your business.

You’re an adventurous start-up who wants to shine bright.

Small business owner looking for local web designer
If life is a journey, then consider your ticket booked.

Because I know there’s more than just a cuppa brewing in your teapot: There’s an awesome vision, too. One steeped with passion and grounded in excitement for the beautiful future you’re finally ready to focus on.

Yasssssss, lady. Let’s get you launched!

You’re longing to leap from scared side-hustle into fulfilling full-time biz.

side hustle  woman business owner
Forget packing away your precious passions for a rainy day.

Life is short and your potential is endless, and you’re ready to make the most of everything the world has to offer.

Including upgrading your hobby or side gig into a business that turns your vision for your life and lifestyle into a reality.

Yay! This is going to be fun.

You’re a goal-getting small-business.

Female small business owner
You’ve got great goals. Purposeful plans, too. And you know exactly what you want (… even if you’re not totally sure how to actually express your vision).

And you know it’s time to ditch that imposter syndrome - which knocks you down, and keeps you feeling stuck and small - and step out from those success-hiding shadows.

Together, let’s make you proud of your purpose and get you perfectly positioned to succeed!

But, hang on a minute:

There’s just one small – but stressful – fallen tree trunk plonked in your entrepreneurial path: Your website and online presence.

>> You don’t have it.
>> Or, you do… but you're not loving it.

Bloody hell.

And you know that to reach your professional peaks, you need a powerful visual presence for your business to compete in the online world.
Cue the anxious overthinking, overwhelm and crushing lack of confidence as you struggle to express your vision and attract your dream customers.

I feel you. But that panicked pain can abso-fricken-lutely be part of your past.

And, together, we can trek the strategic shortcuts and secret design pathways that’ll not only turn that stress into a fun adventure you enjoy every second of, but will also provide you with unfiltered access to the success you’re dreaming of, too.
So, pull up your socks, tug on your hiking boots and grab your thermos. 
Adventure Awaits.
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“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

- Oprah Winfrey -

The Designer’s Trip Advisor

What they’re saying about their Rachel Jane design experience
  • Top results matching “local web designer”

    small business review for design work

    Little Jungle Shop by Marnie

    five stars for design testimonial
    Web Design for indoor plant shop
    “... Rachel’s professionalism shines through in everything that she does. Her ability to bring to life my personal vision for my business was amazing, from my business card design right through to my website for my online store. 

    I would absolutely recommend Rachel Jane Design and definitely look forward to brainstorming some more ideas with Rachel in the future...”
  • Top results matching “web designer traralgon”

    web design and client images for testimonial from photographer

    Forevermore Foundation by Belle

    five stars for design testimonial
    Web Design for photographer
    “... I was dreading having a website built, I thought there’d be a lot of time involved trying to explain to someone what I wanted and getting them to match it to my brand. So I put it on the back burner. Then I met Rachel – she understands having a busy life herself running a business and a family, and I just clicked with her. She nailed my vision from the start. If you’re looking to get a website built then go with Rachel! She’s so easy to work with and I can’t recommend her enough....”
  • Top results matching “web design essex”

    web design and client images for testimonial from salon

    J Elizabeth Skincare by Joanne

    five stars for design testimonial
    Web Design for skincare salon
    “...I used Rachel to design the website for my Salon. It looks so beautiful, I’m thrilled with it and her support is second to none. She sent amazing graphics for me to advertise my new site on my socials as well.

    I would highly recommend Rachel for anyone looking to get a website built... I'd never use anyone else!...”

The Look Out

Check out my scenic spot for sneaking a peek at past design adventures. You can just call me your local web designer from now on. We're all local on the web, right?
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