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An fun, edgy vibe for a traditional industry

Client name:

Whitening Republic

Project Date:

December 2020

What they do:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Client Brief:

> Looking for an edgy, appealing, fun yet classy and professional brand.

> Attract clients into wanting and booking the service by visiting the site.

> Appealing but educational to provide info to potential clients.

> Create a buzz and state our points of difference.

Whitening Republic offer teeth whitening at a professional dental standard, to improve their clients’ confidence and self esteem by enhancing their smile. Yassss!

This biz is a trailblazer in the dental industry. Forget stuffy waiting rooms and old magazines, Whitening Republic offer a luxurious and modern experience for their customers and this is what I wanted to represent with their brand.

This was a full package project and I created complete branding identity with my graphic design and web design inclusions!

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WordPress Website Development

Easy to follow recorded training on how to make content updates

Mobile Responsive Website

Design changes depending on device size for optimum user experience.

SEO Optimised

Website showing on page one of Google for main location search within 6 months

Project Results

Tennille was so fun to work with! She wanted the business to stand out with a modern brand and a website that was easy to navigate, incorporating the fun and edgy style she’d been using in her instagram. I created a minimalist design with bold lines and white space, giving emphasis to the awesome style of branding photography.

I used clear CTAs (call-to-actions: telling the customer what to do!) to direct traffic to view the services on offer and showcased the amazing teeth whitening results they can achieve by using their actual customer images from post treatment, to appeal to their target demographic.

A custom font and fun quotes dotted throughout added to the overall edgy vibe of the site. A real stand out in the industry.

“Rachel continues to entertain my crazy and sporadic business ideas and do it as enthusiastically as me! I’m so grateful our paths crossed.”

- Tennille Tomholt -

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