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Your SEO Basecamp

AKA ongoing SEO support

A one-year guided adventure exclusively for my SEO Expedition clients to conquer your SEO strategy and dominate your digital landscape.
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You’ve got the Keyword Research data

And you know what you should be doing... But where the hell do you start?
After all, it’s a LOT of data. Even with all the great training videos you get from me to use your strategy, you're so bloody busy you keep putting it on the back burner. So now you’re worried you’ll have to outsource it to an SEO pro to get anywhere online. You know you need to focus on it this year to reach all those customers waiting for you, but you also know SEO isn’t a one-trek kind of adventure. Ongoing SEO success requires ongoing SEO efforts.

Which would be fine, except you’re a small business on a budget and those fancy SEO pros can cost a pretty penny (more like 3,000 pretty pennies a month. Gulp.)
So, what’s a small business to do? DIY it, of course. 
But wouldn't it be easier if someone could just tell you what to focus on first? Because you know you can do it... you just need a little guidance and direction along the way, right? Which is exactly where I come back in.

You don’t need to shell out a fortune to keep on top of your SEO. You’ve got what it takes (yep, YOU!) to action your strategy and harness your keywords to get your biz seen online.

My SEO Basecamp is your affordable ticket to an epic year-long adventure where, together, we conquer your SEO strategy, level up your online presence and attract the right audience to your virtual doorstep.

Meet the SEO Basecamp

Your DIY solution for expert-level ongoing SEO

My SEO basecamp is your hub for ongoing support, and a place to regroup, grow and plan your next steps. Building on your established SEO strategy, we will connect every three months to review your progress, adjust our tactics, and set new targets. 

I'll assess your SEO data for you and (based off your business goals) recommend which keywords are your best opportunities to rank and prioritise, outlining which content you should concentrate on each quarter. This journey enables you to have time to focus on what you do best (your service!) and achieve your goals, all while refining your SEO efforts based on real data and observable trends.

In the SEO Basecamp, I’ll be by your side to provide you with an easy-to-follow action plan that hones in on just four to six key areas. No need to feel like you’re juggling a million tasks – I’ll show you how to tackle them strategically, one step at a time. 

With this streamlined approach, you'll discover that finding time in your schedule to conquer your ongoing SEO goals becomes a breeze. No more guesswork, no more wasted efforts. Just a clear plan, actionable guidance, and the motivation you need to take charge of your online presence.

Important Note:
The SEO Basecamp is for clients that have already completed an SEO Strategy with me and want an action plan telling them what to focus on next. If you're interested in the SEO Basecamp service to improve your ongoing SEO, we need to book in a strategy first so we know what your audience is actually searching for!
Trust me, results-driven SEO isn’t difficult as you might think.
You don’t need to be a pro, study SEO or endlessly trawl the Internet for answers.
Instead, it’s simply about creating killer content that speaks to your audience. Once you've uncovered the golden keywords that unlock the door for your target market to find you, the possibilities are endless. You can craft captivating blog posts, curate informative pages, or even collaborate with other websites to showcase your expertise and earn those valuable backlinks.

And best of all you won’t need to rely on an expensive SEO team. With my SEO Basecamp service, you'll gain the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to navigate the ever-changing online terrain yourself… With your very own SEO expert backing you up every step of the way!

The Ticket Price

For your 12-month SEO Basecamp journey to guide you in your SEO
$550 per quarter
(including GST)
What's included:
A kick-off chat to work through your hopes, dreams and aims for your business using SEO.
A 30 to 60-minute Zoom call each quarter to connect, review your goals, troubleshoot obstacles and orient you on track for SEO success.
A pre-call email questionnaire to outline discussion points and ensure we make the most of our time together.
A tailored report identifying four to six key SEO milestones for you to target (and achieve!) each quarter. This might be technical SEO improvements, blog posts or new pages, and includes content recommendations as well examples of who’s already targeting the keyword so you can improve on their content.
My favourite SEO tips and tricks including metadata hotspots and where to put your keyword, along with resources such as how to resize and compress your images and how to check google has indexed your site.
A personalised tracking report delivered to your inbox each month to help you measure your progress and take purposeful action. Take a look at how amazing my visual SEO tracking reports are!
Please Note
Your SEO Basecamp journey does not include strategy. This service is for clients who have already completed an SEO Strategy with me.
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Why you’ll love the SEO Basecamp experience

Guided SEO strategy adjustments
Say goodbye to aimless SEO wandering! With the SEO Basecamp, you'll receive regular guidance to fine-tune and adjust your SEO strategy as needed so you can stay on the right track and make strategic moves that lead to success.
Supportive SEO performance reviews
Keep your finger on the pulse of your website's performance with regular reports on your progress. I’ll carefully review and analyse your data, providing you with insightful guidance on where to go and what to do next.
Targeted milestone achievements
The SEO Basecamp takes a methodical approach to helping you meet your SEO milestones. By identifying four to six key areas where you can make the biggest impact, you’ll be empowered to achieve sustainable results.
Informative SEO data
No more feeling lost in a sea of numbers and graphs. I’ll demystify your SEO data and present it in a way that's easy to understand and act upon so you can gain valuable insights into your website's performance, user behaviour, and keyword rankings.
Stress-free SEO success
Your time is precious. Don’t waste it endlessly wandering through the mass of SEO data on your own! Instead, you can focus on doing what you do best while I handle the complexities and save you from the hassle of making sense of your SEO.
Your go-to SEO pro here when you need
More than anything I want your website to be a success for you, to reach all those amazing clients waiting out there. So if you ever run into any trouble over the quarter as you create your content, you can always send me a message with any questions. 

SEO results from my happy clients

Check out my page full of client success stories if you want to read more!
  • “I now have over 100 blog ideas and endless ways to attract my ideal clients."

    I tried DIYing my SEO at first, but I knew I needed an expert when I kept getting stuck (and when nothing made a difference!) Happily, I found Rachel and her Keyword Scout service. Rachel is the queen of SEO! She provided me with a comprehensive report of the key words I need to be using within my content to attract my ideal clients. I was blown away with how thorough Rachel was with her SEO research and all the ways I can incorporate it into my website and all my content - I now have over 100 blog ideas! If you need SEO help, Rachel is your go-to!
    Cat Dunn OBM, Melbourne
    See the live website
    An SEO strategy implemented on an iPad featuring Cat Dunn's website.
  • “It’s such a relief to have a plan in place so my SEO can actually support my website and results."

    Rachel is a delight to work with and went above and beyond my expectations with her SEO strategy and implementation for my business. She is extremely transparent and took the time and effort to explain everything so that I understood the logic, data and principles behind the strategy, which I really appreciated. Rachel also took a collaborative approach, taking on board my feedback and suggestions. I am excited now that we have a plan in place, and SEO implemented on my website, to track the results and continue to learn and refine as we gather data.
    Emily Osmond, Melbourne
    See the live website
    Emily Osmond, an SEO Strategy client of Rachel Jane Design, wearing a pink dress and laughing.

The ongoing SEO Basecamp is perfect for you if:

You've already invested in a SEO strategy with me and want ongoing guidance to take action and see tangible results.
You feel overwhelmed with all the SEO data you’ve been supplied with and need an expert to provide clear direction on what actions to prioritise.
You're a small business owner who wants to take control of your SEO and make progress – without breaking the bank with expensive monthly SEO agency services.
You're committed to enhancing your website's performance, ranking, and overall online presence.
You value a personalised approach that cares about your specific goals and challenges.
You're ready to invest in a long-term SEO journey that spans 12 months for optimal results.
You want to unlock the full potential of your website and attract more organic traffic, leads and conversions.
You understand the importance of regular monitoring and adjustment to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of SEO.
Let’s turn your SEO strategy into SEO success and get greater visibility with dream customers knocking on your digital door!
Heads up: The SEO Basecamp has limited availability.
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So, how does the basecamp actually work?

If you're planning to join my epic SEO Basecamp, then it means we've completed your strategy already and you've experienced working with me before. Here's some further info on the timeline and process of our 12-month SEO adventure and what you can expect.

Book in a Chat

You’ll receive an email to schedule in a zoom chat so we can discuss your goals, expectations and requirements for your ongoing SEO. You can also ask any questions to address concerns you might have.

Contract + Invoice

After our chat, you'll receive a contract to sign and an invoice for the first quarter to secure your spot on the SEO Basecamp.

Welcome Kit

Once payment is received, you’ll get a pretty little package in the (e)mail… a Welcome Kit that explains how the SEO Basecamp works, what you can expect working with me, and what you need to do to help your ongoing SEO service run smoothly and productively.

Time to book your first Basecamp Meeting... Yay!

You'll receive my scheduler to lock in a time for our first quarter SEO Basecamp chat, hooray! 

SEO Questionnaire

Once you've booked a date for our first call, you'll receive a questionnaire to complete so you can confirm your SEO goals for the coming quarter, or aspects of your business you'd like to focus on. I'll also need some information to set up your SEO reports and which integrations you use and would like to track. This needs to be completed three days before our meeting.

Our first SEO Basecamp meeting!

During this 30-60 minute call we’ll talk about how your website SEO is going and the best action steps for you to take next. We'll discuss your goals and questions for the quarter ahead and will also finalise the integrations for your visual SEO tracking report, so your socials, analytics and more will be linked to your dynamic report.

Your first SEO Basecamp report

Based on our chat, I'll put together an SEO plan for your quarter ahead, which includes my recommendations of next steps you should take to help Google fall even more deeply in love with your website. I'll also include my favourite SEO tips to make implementing these steps easier! Plus you'll have a link to your tracking report, which helps you see your current results for all things website traffic, SEO, and socials.

Ongoing SEO

After three months, we'll start the process again! You'll receive an invoice for the quarter, and a scheduler to book in a date for our second SEO Basecamp meeting. You'll receive a questionnaire which asks how you went over the past quarter and what your goals are for the coming quarter. 

Renewal Opportunity

After 12 months (and four fabulous SEO-filled quarters), your Basecamp year of adventure will have officially come to an end! Now that our work together is all wrapped up, you should be well on your way to SEO success. If you’d like to continue the adventure at this point, you’re welcome to book another 12 months of SEO Basecamp game planning together. 

A supportive SEO friend for life!

I want you to love and be able use your website going forward, so I’m always around if you have any questions. If it’s implementation or SEO extras you need, we can book you in at anytime for a half day, full day or more to work on that awesome website of yours, boost your SEO and reach more clients! 
Ready to join the basecamp? Apply Now!

Fancy-ass visual SEO tracking reports

As part of joining the SEO Basecamp, you get access to my super-duper sparkly reports! If you've ever logged in to your google analytics and tried to make sense of the rows of data, you'll definitely appreciate how easy on the eye my visual tracking reports are instead! Using charts, actual words and clear monthly comparisons, you'll be able to (at a glance!) get a great understanding on your current SEO and traffic results, and see your improvements! I also add things like site audits, so you can immediately see if you have any errors on your website, which are flagged by your google search console account.

You'll receive a monthly email showing you a snapshot of your report, and can also log in at anytime to access more data from each report type.
What's included with your SEO reports:
Custom dashboard set up with lots of common integrations to choose from, so you can track what's important to you, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media and Keyword ranking. 
Comparison against your previous month for each report so you can see your improvements or areas to work on.
Monthly email reports straight to your inbox.
Log in access, so you can jump in and check whenever you want, with the opportunity to click through to each specific report and deep dive into the data.

“Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them happen.”

- Madam C.J. Walker -
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