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SEO Strategy in a Day

Get your passion-packed small business found by search engines and explored by your dream humans.
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SEO in Web Design

aka the Search and Rescue Service
Keywords and headers, optimising SEO in web design, backlinks and alt tags, meta data and traffic, on-page and off-page, google indexing… 

Ever feel like figuring out your SEO is like attempting a crossword puzzle without any clues? Does it give you a headache just thinking about it?

Well, I've got you, friend... ‘Cause when it comes to getting your beautiful business seen, solid SEO can be the difference between visibility and invisibility.

So, let’s put you on the right path – and page.
To save you the stress of wasting hours on google finding snippets of SEO tips, I've put together some epic SEO services that will help your site be seen, and found, by Google and your ideal customer:

Future Focused SEO strategy (for new websites, so you have the best opportunity to rank on Google).

SEO Website Audits (for existing website, to give it once over and offer some savvy recommendations).

SEO Cheat Sheet (for DIYers – the must-have guide to the essentials of SEO for your website).

Stress-free SEO for goal-getting entrepreneurs + small businesses.

Feel like your SEO is wandering aimlessly without any strategic direction? Want to get set up for SEO success before you even launch your purposeful new website? You’re in the right place!

When it comes to SEO in web design, it’s not about packing your pages with a repeat run of the same keywords (Spoiler: This is only gonna confuse your audience and annoy Google).
Instead, we want to pick strategic keywords that connect with your audience and then expertly weave them through your site so Google is confident they’re sending the right people to the right place.

Which is exactly what your SEO web designer – aka me! – is here to help you do. With my future-focused SEO Strategy you’ll walk away with a pro roadmap for making and meeting your google ranking goals.

Enter my SEO Strategy in a Day!

Stay ahead of your competitors by investing in SEO – the difference between your site being visible, or invisible (yikes!), to Google.

I'm a day rate designer, which means you can book your SEO strategy in and have it complete by the end of the day!

SEO in web design is perfect to invest in BEFORE we begin your web project. By getting it right from the get-go, we can weave in the SEO goodness for better results. With my Future Focused SEO Strategy, you get these awesome inclusions, and all within a day:
Wondering how SEO Days works? Read about my Web Designer Day process for the details!

The Ticket Price

To have your complete, Google-ranking, future-focused SEO Strategy ready in a day
(including GST)
+ Custom keyword research to determine searcher intent (and make sure you’re connecting with the right clickers).
+ 8 hours of my focused strategic SEO time
+ Comprehensive competitor analysis to identify and isolate opportunities
+ A full list of tailor-made keywords categorised for easy use
+ Pro page-level strategy with which keywords to target on which page
+ URL recommendations for each page of your site
+ Guidance on site content with suggestions to improve and enhance your existing results
+ Clearly presented SEO Strategy report with a video walkthrough on how to use it
+ Ready for you in one day, so you can use it, follow it, and implement it.
Ready to book your ticket for an SEO Strategy in a Day?

SEO in Web Design is where it's at

Want to see your site shine?

We can complete a full strategy in a day before we start your web design, or we can do a minimised version of just keyword research in a couple of hours at the start of your design day.

Already got a website and want to add SEO?

The Future Focused SEO Strategy can be applied to existing sites... After your strategy day, I can provide a custom quote to implement it for you and turn your website performance around!

Worried strategic SEO will stuff up your site’s storytelling?

Don’t be. This page has been SEO’d to attract my dream clients (like you!) But I bet you barely noticed any keywords, right? ;)

Can’t I just chuck the same keywords across all my web pages?

Well, you could. But you’d also be committing a cardinal SEO sin: Keyword cannibalisation.

Keyword cannibalisation is when you target the same keyword across a number of your pages, using the same or similar phrase in your page titles, meta descriptions, header tags and content.

This means that when Google lands on a page and checks all those usual SEO hotspots that signal what the page’s content is about, it doesn’t know which page is most relevant to their searcher and it might not pick the right one. Or worse, bypass your site completely and head to the next option in the search results!

This might not sound like a big deal, but it could send the wrong traffic your way. It’s like searching for hiking boots and ending up on a site for dog cookies. The dog cookies might be cute, but they aren’t the boots you were searching for. So, naturally, you bid the cookies adieu and head off in search of more relevant content.

And Google sees ALL of this. Which matters, ‘cause the longer someone stays on your page (and then travels through your site), the higher value Google puts on it.

If people are clicking then leaving, it’ll send a negative signal to Google about your content.
And we wanna keep Google happy.

So, keyword cannibalisation. Please. Don’t. Do. It.

Remember: Clear and valuable content geared to our main topic is ALWAYS more powerful

Already got a website up and want to give it an SEO health check?

You’re a pioneer! Check out my website audits, where I give your site a once-over and offer quick win site improvements and an actionable to-do list to boost your ranking!
SEO Audit
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Want to understand SEO better?

I know it can be a tricky thing to get your head around, so I've created a value-packed, free cheat sheet to help you understand SEO and how you can apply it to your own website.

Download it now to grab the essentials!
SEO Cheat Sheet
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